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The gold standards of news presentation on BBC, CNN and Sky News have no  rubbish starters such as “I hope you had a good day”.

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Readers have their say: Newsreaders irritate with useless talk

Can you ask your “anchors” to watch the gold standards of news presentation on BBC, CNN and Sky News? No rubbish starters such as “I hope you had a good day”, “It’s Monday, 18th September 2023 and we are approaching December”,  “It’s now 7 pm and I will be with you till 8 pm.” ... BBC simply states “This is BBC” and jumps straight into the news. Train your anchors or ask your newsreaders to watch Al Jazeera.

— Moses Mwangi

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‘DN’ has forgotten what’s good journalism

Why has the Nation’s writing become so atrocious? I honestly cannot believe this is the newspaper I perfected my English and grammar on. I may as well read the tabloids, some of which are better written! I try to read the Nation most weekdays and I always come away annoyed and quite irritated.

For example, Brian Wasuna’s story in the Saturday Nation of Sept. 9, 2023, titled “Inside last days of Tuskys and how staff stole cash, stock to ease salary delays”: Is that article written for an adult reader? If so, why all the ridiculous clichés we learnt in primary school?

Can’t a story just be written in its very essence? There is no need for all the flowery language, which is misplaced and gives the story a child-like outlook.

— Natalie Mathenge

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Writer only aided Odinga incite farmers

I refer to “Stop taking over counties’ functions, Raila tells Ruto” by Ruth Mbula (Daily Nation, Sept. 11, 2023, page 7).

She writes: “He claimed that the fertiliser that the national government was giving to farmers at a subsidised price of Sh2,500 was donated by the Russian government and should be free. Mr Odinga further alleged that the fertiliser has been mixed with sand and is unsuitable.”

Ms Mbula should have conducted some research to get crucial information about what Odinga was alleging. She should have determined the veracity of the allegations. All she did was to aid Odinga in inciting farmers against the government.

— Chris Kiriba, Narok

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Let Githuku share his knowledge withus

I refer to “Githuku Mungai, the high priest of error corrections, hangs it up” (Daily Nation, Sept. 15, 2 2023, page 19). Githuku Mungai is a very knowledgeable person. I follow his “Letters to the Editor” and contributions to the “Watchman” with keen interest and appreciation.

Mr Mungai is the kind of person who gives impetus and meaning to the saying “We learn something new every day.” I suggest that you give him a column to enable him to share more priceless Kenyan history with the public.

— Michael Mundia Kamau

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Thank you for the article on Githuku Mungai, “the high priest of error corrections”. It’s informative. Only those with a sharp sense of literacy can detect the errors in the newspapers.

— Daniel Ommila