Gerry Loughran

Gerry Loughran with his book on March 13, 2010. 

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Readers Have Their Say: Journalist who always replied to queries

It was saddening to hear about Gerry Loughran’s death.

One time or another, I would ask him a question on an English word via email, even if unrelated to his Sunday Nation column. He always replied, once mentioning that he wrote by instinct, not as a grammarian.

Inspired by one of Gerry’s articles, I wrote a letter to the editor referring to then-Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko as a “govino” (“Governor In Name Only”).

That was right after President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed Major-General Mohamed Badi to head the Nairobi Metropolitan Services. However, the letter was not published.

— Githuku Mungai

* * *

Why ignore death of Rosalynn Carter?

Rosalynn Carter, a former US First Lady (1977-1981), passed away on November 19, 2023. There has been no mention at all of this in the Nation—which is unbefitting and dishonourable.

Ms Carter conducted herself with dignity and honour throughout her life, something the Nation ought to recognise and pay tribute to.

She, her husband President Jimmy Carter and the Carter Center had links with Kenya.

Sunday Nation columnist Gerry Loughran (RIP) was accorded a full-page tribute (Saturday Nation, Nov. 25, 2023, page 2). Ms Carter also deserves some level of recognition and tribute.

— Michael Mundia Kamau

* * *

Letters should reflect the whole country

The Nation covers the entire country and its letters page should reflect that. But some names keep appearing every day.

For example, Githuku Mungai is a famous writer with good ideas but editors should consider other writers.

Reading letters by the same contributors is boring. Let’s have letters from different writers with varied views and opinions. We have young talented writers with interesting views as well.

— Shelton Busolo, Trans Nzoia

* * *

We need a second weekend magazine

The Nation Media Group should publish a second pullout magazine in the Friday Nation. “The Voice” magazine seems to cater for women readers; so does the “Saturday Magazine”.

We need an arts, entertainment and culture pullout featuring movies, entertainment, music reviews; event calendar, columns, and so on.

Do a readers’ survey and act accordingly.

— Alexander Njiru Njeru

* * *

Is the ‘Nation’ scamming the readers?

I paid Sh3,650 to access the “Premium” content of the Nation without ads. The ads still appear, and I have to click the little down arrow at the bottom left corner to hide the ad.

Furthermore, if I navigate to the Home page and click on another Premium content, the ads appear again, and I have to repeat the process.

The whole point of the subscription was to access Premium content without ads. Is the Nation scamming the readers?

— Rose Ndegwa