A screengrab of Tom Mshindi’s column on the Sunday Nation of December 9 – The President and his team are working remotely.


Readers Have Their Say: Contradictory facts - Who do we believe?

In his Sunday Nation column on December 10, 2023, “The President and his team are working remotely”, Tom Mshindi states that President William Ruto’s government is “not only borrowing with the appetite of a thirsty Bedouin but the government spending is that of a surprised thief that must exhaust illegal loot acquired suddenly and rather unexpectedly”.

In the same paper, the headline of a story by Business reporter Constant Munda read: “Ruto’s projects spending plunges to eight-year low.”

Who do does our beloved Nation want us to believe? Or is this Nation’s problems is that it speaks out of both sides of its mouth?

— Cyrus Kimathi, Nairobi

* * *

Columnist turned me off with jargon

I am a fervent reader of the Nation e-paper. I found myself reading an article by Eric Ng’eno in the Saturday Nation Opinion section on December 2, 2023. The headline, “Why Azimio is so easy to predict”, sounded like a good read.

I expected to read about that from the very first paragraph. Unfortunately, the jargon used turned me off at the second paragraph.

Needless to say, the content was lost to the general reader as Mr Ng’eno was trying to sound sophisticated, or trying to reach an intended niche of readers.

A [general readership] newspaper article should never be for a niche audience. Why is it so difficult to be simple and clear, rather than conceal the intended message in lingual cobwebs?

— Kimani Gatubu, Nairobi

* * *

Remove errors in ‘Revision Papers’

I wish to commend the Nation for the huge contribution you make in educating our children.

However, the Grade 6 Revision Paper published on December 4, 2023 had a few errors.

It is important to have the mock exam moderated by a separate expert to remove errors.

— Mwangi Wanjohi, Nairobi

* * *

Why relegate education to the back page?

News reports on developments in education are always relegated to the back page of the Nation .

It seems editors think and believe that happenings in the education sector ought to take a back seat to politics, business and even sports. It’s obviously not for lack of space that this is done. It’s a shame.

— Mulang’o Baraza

* * *

Gerry was friendly and open-minded

Let me add my condolences to the many on the sad news of Gerry Loughran’s passing on. It’s true Gerry was a gentleman and always responded to his readers’ comments, whether in agreement with him or not.

I recall during Covid-19, when I was locked down in Australia, his column was a respite. We had quite a banter going and he had many interesting stories of his experiences ‘Down-Under’.

He was well-travelled and open-minded. I will miss his writing.

— Beatrice Aseneka