‘Stuck in a hide’? It’s a rather poor joke

NTV studio

The NTV studios at Nation Center in Nairobi.

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What you need to know:

  • Is it possible to change the content in News Court with Dann Mwangi?
  • Nation Media Group should not be police spokesmen/defenders.

In the Lifestyle section of the May 26 Sunday Nation, there was a very interesting story by Ngina Kirori about a 76-year-old woman who has never worn modern clothes. The woman is from the Dasanach community, in Marsabit County. 

The story includes a beautiful photograph of her in a two-piece leather outfit. The story is the cover story, headlined “I find modern clothes strange”. Inside, it carries the headline “Meet the woman who has never worn modern clothes”.

I first watched the story on NTV Weekend Edition of May 24 and found it fascinating, and also very well done.

However, NTV had a heading at the bottom of the screen that read “STUCK IN A HIDE”. Seriously? That was my first reaction.

This is also the heading on the online version, which is being read all over the world. 

Two questions for whoever came up with that heading: Is this supposed to be funny? If so, it’s a rather poor joke. This woman has proudly kept to her traditional dress (and home furnishings and food); why is she being portrayed as a freak stuck in a time warp?

My guess is that this was not Ngina Kirori’s intention.

— Wandia Seaforth

Public Editor: See comment in Public Editor’s Notebook


‘News Court’, ‘NBA Games’ too boring

I do sometimes watch NTV. Is it possible to change the content in “News Court with Dann Mwangi” and “NBA Games”, which come after the prime news bulletin?

Or do away with them altogether? They are simply boring and I don’t want to go to another TV to watch Nigerian movies. Maybe you can fill in with the CNN Live channel, which is good content. 

— Dr Mochabo Kennedy Miyoro, Nakuru City


‘Opinion of the Week’ makes no sense 

Quite often, the quotes in the “What they said | Opinion of the Week” do not make sense unless one has already read the full story being referred to. The June 9 Sunday Nation is a good example. 

The opinions are from CS Aisha Jumwa, Archbishop ole Sapit, Dr Elizabeth Kuta and Knut Secretary-General Collins Oyuu. The last three make sense even without the reader knowing the original context. The quote of CS Jumwa is, however, meaningless. 

— Wandia Seaforth 


NMG should not be police spokesperson

There’s still bias even in your analysis (“Why NTV reported Ian Njoroge day in court without the drama”— Daily Nation, June 7, 2024). Assaulting police performing duties is internationally bad.

But how about when police brutalise and insult motorists and other suspects? Is that their duty? NMG should not be police spokesmen/defenders.

— Eng. Mari Mwangi (Mr.)


Inspiring and informative article on Ian Njoroge’s day in court. Nation projects a professional image.

— Grace Okombo, Vihiga