God Nyithindo Comprehensive School
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‘JuniorSpot’ shouldn’t be seen as biased

God Nyithindo Comprehensive School featured in the JuniorSpot pullout of the Daily Nation.

Photo credit: Nation Media Group

Almost all coverage in the Daily Nation’s ‘JuniorSpot’ magazine, published on Mondays, is on Nakuru County.

And not just that: It is Elburgon Location that gets the lion’s share of the very frequent coverage of the county. Kirinyaga County is also featured frequently in ‘JuniorSpot.’

It was, therefore, a welcome change for me to see God Nyithindo Comprehensive School, in Kisumu County, featured in the ‘JuniorSpot’ of Monday, March 25, 2024.

Schools, teachers, administrators and students from Marsabit County and Homa Bay County were also featured once in ‘JuniorSpot’ in 2023.

Kenya is made up of 47 counties, and there is a need for the ‘JuniorSpot’ team to extend its coverage to all of Kenya’s counties to avoid NMG being perceived as a biased and slanted.

— Anonymous

* * *

The “Today in History” item of the Daily Nation of April 15, 2024, has got the facts wrong.

Before Voice of Kenya (VOK) came into being in 1964, the government-owned broadcaster was known as the Kenya Broadcasting Service (KBS), not Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) as the column stated.

VOK, in turn, became the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in 1989.

Also, “Today in History” of the Sunday Nation of April 4, 2024 makes the assumption that all readers know what “Kanu” stands for, was or is. The Nation should spell out “Kanu” as “Kenya African National Union” before using the party’s acronym.

The column also wrongly states that Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was the “Deputy President” of the ruling party. He was, in fact,the Vice-President of Kanu. What’s more, the column fails to state when or where the photograph showing Odinga, Dr Munyua Waiyaki and James Orengo was taken.

It would actually have been more appropriate to publish a photograph of the actual March 1966 Kanu Limuru Conference, at which the post of Vice-President of the party was abolished, or Odinga’s photograph taken on April 14, 1966, the day he resigned as Vice-President of Kenya.

Waiyaki was by Odinga’s side when he tendered his resignation as ViceP in 1966, the same way they are seen together in the “Today in History” photograph.

— Michael Mundia Kamau, Nairobi

* * *

Headline that has a double meaning

“Money sent by Kenyans abroad up by 19pc in first quarter of the year” was the headline on the back page of the Daily Nation of April 16, 2024.

When I first read the headline, I understood it to mean that Kenyans are sending money abroad. It is only on reading the story that I understood it is Kenyans working abroad who were sending the money and not vice versa.

The headline writer assumed that money can only be sent from abroad but not from Kenya.

— Michael Kinuthia, market and social research expert