Salute to security guards, the forgotten heroes

Interior PS Raymond Omollo

Interior PS Raymond Omollo inspects a guard of honour mounted by private security guards at the Jomo Kenyatta Stadium in Mamboleo, Kisumu on August 11, 2023. 

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

When you think about the essential personnel that keep a business, school, hospital or any other organisation running smoothly and safely, positions such as receptionist, manager and custodial staff may come to mind. But there is one vital role that is underrated yet it deserves more recognition and appreciation: Security guard.

Surprisingly, the mindset of most people is built on the guards’ best-known roles, such as protecting the organisation's staff’s assets and guests. Many are never interested in interacting or even enquiring about information from them.

We walk past security guards, assuming that they are not even qualified to guide us even when we are lost or not aware of what direction to take and what is required there. Most guards are educated. I figured this out when I interacted with a couple while enquiring about information and facts about a certain organisation.

They know a lot about how it works and can be very good tour guides. Let us give the “soldiers” the respect they deserve as they play a vital role in organisations. We need to cooperate with them to maintain order and make life easier for everyone, especially within organisations.

Mitchelle Masimane, Kakamega