Mitigate climate change by using green energy

Green world

Green world map on the light bulb on green background illustrating renewable green energy. 


Photo credit: Shutterstock

By Ann Amollo

Green energy comes from natural sources that are clean and renewable, contributing to a sustainable environment.

Advances in technology have enabled organisations to innovate and develop energy sources with lower carbon emissions, resulting in reduced environmental pollution. This leads to fewer cases of diseases that affect both children and adults.

These natural energy sources are highly beneficial as they are cost-effective. For example, solar energy harnesses power from the sun and wind energy uses the wind, both of which are abundant and free.

Renewable energy sources are emerging, significantly impacting our environment and helping to mitigate climate change.

Advocating green energy use is essential to raise public awareness of climate change. By promoting these energy sources, we can achieve long-term environmental sustainability and positive climate change.

Green energy has many benefits to society. Through awareness campaigns, communities have adopted these renewable, clean energy sources, creating a conducive environment for sustainable living.

Let us be custodians of nature by promoting clean energy for long-term environmental sustainability and climate improvement.

Ann Amollo, Migori