Punish teachers subjecting children to despicable acts

The swift action by the authorities after a viral video of primary schoolboys being forced by their teachers to practise mock sex is commendable.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has warned that they will face disciplinary action.

For its part, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has already interdicted the six teachers in Kisii County, who were caught on the crude video recording of the Grade Two pupils, and the law is taking its course.

Though they are yet to be formally charged with any offence, it is gratifying to note that the suspects are in custody after having appeared in court.

This should restore public confidence in the ability to take quick action against criminal suspects. It did not take long after the video started trending online for the suspects to be arrested. And the TSC now wants the teachers to show cause why they should not be deregistered.

It is disgusting and unbelievable that the six children were ordered to engage in indecent acts depicting homosexuality. Of course, the teachers will have the right to defend themselves by giving their own explanation of what may have transpired.

Stern warning

However, this should send a stern warning to would-be offenders that the security personnel are on the alert all the time and that criminal conduct will never be condoned. Also, thanks to citizen awareness, such offences are more likely to be exposed.

The video recording of the pupils coerced into performing the despicable actions has rightly sparked a public uproar. It is definitely because what the teachers reportedly did is contrary to what is expected of them as the custodians of their young charges.

Parents hope their children are safe in the hands of teachers, but this video seems to point to the contrary. If the children had done anything wrong, proper punishment should have been meted out to them. It is unacceptable for guardians to turn into bullies.

Of course, the majority of teachers do a fantastic job of guiding young people and should be commended for this. However, the few rotten eggs among them should be separated, ejected and punished for their transgressions.