CBC workload has made parents direct beneficiaries

Pupils of Mboto Sunrise primary school do their CBC assignment

Pupils of Mboto Sunrise primary school do their Competency-Based Curriculum assignment under a tree on September 29, 2022. 

Photo credit: Tonny Omondi | Nation Media Group

Heavy burden • The heavy Competency-Based Curriculum’s workload for learners has made parents direct beneficiaries, remarks Mwangi Wanjohi. “We help children to make pieces of art and do homework in maths, science, agriculture, music and French. Could the government have identified a gap in parents and decided to address it through this learning?” His contact [email protected].


Dirty market • Nairobi’s Kenyatta Market, known for its tasty nyama choma, is crying out for a major clean-up, says David Jasondu. “The market is dirty and the surroundings filthy, with heaps of garbage. The road to the market has been taken over by hawkers. And there are mushrooming motor vehicle garages. “Can Governor Johnson Sakaja act on this?” asks Jasondu, His contact is [email protected].


Street children • There has been a sudden influx of street children in Garissa Town from other parts of the country, Nassir Daud reports. “It seems a cartel is behind it, as they are placed outside businesses to beg. Security agencies, county government and Children’s Department should rescue them as they might end up in crime or being radicalised by terrorist groups.” His contact is [email protected]


New office • There is an urgent need to amend the Constitution to create an opposition leader’s office to accommodate the loser in the presidential election, says Geoffrey Sendeu. “After all, he or she commands half of the population and check the President. As the winner takes it all, the stalemate would still be there no matter who won the election.” His contact is [email protected].


Danger • Demonstrators should observe traffic rules, says Kinyua Ndagitari. The people hanging on moving motor vehicles, he adds, must know that they are endangering their own lives. “Just the other day, an experienced matatu conductor died after he fell off a moving vehicle. What of those people with no touting experience? This habit should be stopped.” His contact is [email protected].

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