By Hilary Kimuyu

As Christians across the country celebrate Easter, Eliud Wekesa popularly known as 'Yesu Wa Tongaren' now says he will not die for the sins of humankind for the second time.

Friday, Mr Wekesa, the leader of New Jerusalem sect, came out to address an alleged plan to crucify him, an act attempting to replicate the passions of the biblical Jesus Christ.

Speaking at his home in Lukokhwe village, Mr Wekesa alluded that his presence marks the Parousia, a period where Christian faithful trust to be the second advent of Jesus, adding that he will not be laid on the cross twice in his existence.

"Jesus was crucified only once, and since I have come for the second time, it is written that I come to save those who await me, not to die for their sins a second time," Wekesa claimed.

During Easter celebrations, Christians commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ. The festivities are preceded by Good Friday, where the church mourns Jesus' execution, a fact that some residents of Tongaren are weaponizing against the self-declared ‘messiah’.

Mr Wekesa has since warned those plotting against him, proclaiming ultimate destruction to his aggressors.

“Those are the dark hearts from Babylon. My father is letting them come together to attack me because he wants to destroy them,” he said.

Recently, an image of Mr Wekesa enjoying a meal with his wife surfaced on social media, it instantly became the butt of jokes with some netizens likening it to the Last Supper, which according to the Gospel accounts, is the last meal Jesus shared with his apostles before his crucifixion.

Mr Wekesa also expressed his contention with the timing of the festivities, according to him, Easter will kick off on 28 July and end on 30 July.