What morality is there to kill worshippers in church?


Omar Hassan

It saddens, it angers! What justification is there to bomb and kill innocent Kenyans? What morality is there to bomb churches? What is your interest?

Why do you want to destroy our beloved nation? We are a resilient people. I have no doubt in my mind that as a nation we will overcome.

My heart goes out to the dead and injured following the simultaneous attacks on Our Lady of Consolata Catholic and AIC churches in Garissa on Sunday.

Nothing justifies these attacks. They are heinous, barbaric and an affront to the religious tranquillity and harmony of Kenya.

Whatever their motives, I the perpetrators will fail. It is accurate to assume that whoever is behind these attacks has been desperate to catalyse and crystallise religious disharmony in Kenya.

I am sure that Muslims neither support these attacks nor sympathise with the perpetrators. Muslims are deeply disturbed by these attacks.

Their hearts and solidarity are with the victims of these heartless and mindless attacks.

Whatever the circumstances, Kenya cannot and must not drift into sectarianism, xenophobia and mindless hatred.

We must remain strong. The perpetrators of evil are putting our nationhood to test. I reiterate that they will fail.

Our security too, has been put to the test. I urge those in charge to step up their vigilance and guarantee the safety and security of all Kenyans.

Nations get better and stronger when faced with adversity, when its very survival is threatened.

A secure Kenya

Security agencies must realise that it is in the interest of Muslims to have a secure, stable and peaceful nation.

When anyone threatens or infringes on the security of Kenya, he or she threatens and infringes on the security of all of us.

The Muslim community will afford its highest cooperation and support towards a secure Kenya. Our leadership is also put to test. Such moments do at times solicit emotive responses.

Let me make it clear that Muslims and Christians in Kenya are not at war. I am not in doubt that the religious harmony in Kenya will be strengthened.

What is at ‘war’ is criminal elements who have ‘challenged’ our State security and its apparatus.

Through the design of their attacks, these criminals wish to plant the seeds of religious discord that will only benefit their scheme.

That is to turn Kenya into a Nigeria where two communities shed blood and turn towns into theatres of violence and hatred.

All Kenyans need to be vigilant and be part of our security. Let the security organs expedite their investigations and arrest the perpetrators.

It is critical at this moment to enhance security at all places of worship. The Muslim and Christian clergy must speak and act in one voice.

So must the country’s leadership. These criminal attacks must precipitate a Kenyan response!

The writer is a lawyer and former member of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.