Uganda's Yoweri Museveni hits out at Kenyans for claiming he was in ICU

Yoweri Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Photo credit: AFP

Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has hit out at Kenyans who say he is in intensive care while giving an update on his health after contracting Covid-19.

The 78-year-old president, who has always updated Ugandans on his health, explaining how he feels at certain days and times, rubbished claims that he was in the ICU.

President Museveni had not issued an update for two days (Monday and Tuesday), leading to speculation that he might be in intensive care.

"I also noticed a few people from, I think, Kenya saying that I was in ICU etc. If I was in ICU, the government would inform the country. What is there to hide? However, I have not been in bed as a sick man in this house except to sleep, let alone in a hospital bed, ICU or otherwise. Keep praying, we will overcome," he said. 

However, he explained his absence in his daily diary, saying he had been busy with paperwork from Sunday to Tuesday.

"It has been almost 2 days since I gave you an update on my war with Corona. Apart from the first two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), when I had a slight flu-like fever, but not as bad as the usual flu, I only had some drowsiness on Thursday and a slight headache at night. This lasted until Friday. There was also a roughness in the throat (bugyiimbi like feeling - leaves with a rough surface)".

While still in isolation, East Africa's longest-serving president noted that he still tested positive on Sunday despite having no symptoms.

"By Friday, all those symptoms were gone. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was busy doing paperwork. I would have gone out of self - confinement, but when we checked on Sunday, I was still positive, but the other parameters were good".

On Wednesday, President Museveni contracted Covid-19, news of which was announced by Diane Atwine, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health.

"Today ... the President tested positive for COVID-19. This was after developing mild flu-like symptoms. However, he is in robust health and continues to carry out his duties normally, following standard operating procedures," she said.

What is puzzling is where the Head of State let his guard down. From the beginning of Covid-19 in Uganda, President Museveni was largely masked and rarely mingled with anyone.

He seldom shook hands, and government officials and private citizens only met him after a negative result had been announced. In addition, he always kept a distance from the dignitaries or individuals he met if they were willing to sit down and talk.