Suspected Shabaab terrorists kill six in dawn attack in Lamu


An Al-Shabaab fighter in Somalia.

Photo credit: AFP File

Six people have been confirmed dead and several others injured following an attack by suspected al-Shabaab militants in Mpeketoni, Lamu County.

In the morning attack at Widhu Majembeni area, several houses were also burnt down by people armed with crude weapons and pangas raising questions on who the perpetrators were.

According to locals who spoke to Nation.Africa, the attack could be linked to ongoing politics in the area.

“How can alleged al-Shabaab terrorists use pangas we know them they use guns but this attack is linked to politics on the ground. We know Mpeketoni is a determinant in county politics considering its population. We want police to investigate this,” said one of the locals.

Lamu police commander Moses Mureith confirmed the death of the six and promised to share more details as they were still on the ground.

“We are working on the issue as we establish how many houses were burnt and people injured. We shall share more information soon but we have cordoned off the area trying to get the perpetrators,” said  Mr Mureithi.

In June 2014, more than 60 people were killed in attacks in and near the Mpeketoni area. The Somalia-based Al-Shabaab militant group claimed responsibility, but after investigations, police asserted that the attacks were organised by local politicians with ties to a network of gangs.