Rita Tinina: A beacon of integrity and mentorship

ta TininaRi

The late Rita Tinina.

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What you need to know:

  • Rita Tinina epitomised integrity in every aspect of her work.
  • Rita's passion for environmental journalism was infectious.

In the bustling world of media, where deadlines loom large and ethical quandaries often arise, there are individuals who stand out not just for their professional prowess, but for their unwavering integrity and profound impact on those around them. 

Rita Tinina (RT) was undeniably one of those rare gems – a senior in our media group whose legacy transcends mere journalistic accolades.

RT epitomised integrity in every aspect of her work. In an industry often clouded by corruption, she remained resolute in her commitment to truth and transparency.

Her reporting wasn't merely about conveying information; it was a beacon of honesty in a world that sometimes seemed shrouded in darkness.

For many of us, RT wasn't just a colleague – she was a mentor, a guiding light in our journey through the complexities of environmental reporting. 

NMG journalists pay tribute to Rita Tinina

I remember vividly my first field visit to Kona Baridi, a nervous rookie unsure of where to begin.

It was Rita who took me under her wing, imparting her wisdom with patience and grace. With her guidance, what seemed like a daunting task became an exhilarating adventure, filled with opportunities to shed light on pressing environmental and science issues.

Rita's passion for environmental journalism was infectious. Her deep reverence for the natural world resonated in every word she wrote and every story she told.

Through her work, she not only raised awareness but inspired action, igniting a spark of change in the hearts of those who read her articles or watched the stories she produced.

But perhaps Rita's greatest legacy lies not in her bylines or awards, but in the lives she touched and the minds she molded.

To those who had the privilege of knowing her, she was more than a colleague or a mentor – she was a friend, a confidante, a source of unwavering support in times of uncertainty.

Rita's choice to report on environmental issues had a profound impact on me.

It sparked my interest in science and eventually led me to find my niche in health reporting, where I could blend environmental and health stories to make a difference in people's lives.

Even though Rita will no longer walk among us, her spirit lives on in the work we continue to do. Her legacy serves as a reminder of the power of journalism to uplift, enlighten and transform lives.

As we carry forward the torch she so gracefully passed on to us, let us honour her memory by upholding the values she held dear – integrity, compassion and a relentless pursuit of the truth.

Thank you, Rita Tinina, for your indelible impact on our lives and the world of journalism.

Though you are gone, your legacy will forever burn bright in our hearts and in the stories we tell.