UDA to discipline party MPs opposing the government

Cleophas Malala

UDA Secretary-General Cleophas Malala.

Photo credit: Evans Habil | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • Mr Malala said the party has provided members with avenues to address their grievances including the parliamentary group meeting.
  • Mr Malala said negotiations are ongoing within the Kenya Kwanza partner parties to come up with a unified party.

The United Democratic Alliance party has threatened to take disciplinary actions against party members seen to oppose the government positions.

The UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala announced the party’s decision to deal with the members who have been holding positions contrary to that of the Party and going against the direction of the party leader, President William Ruto.

Speaking in Nakuru during the launch of the regional party offices, Mr Malala read a riot act on members, whom he said were pushing different agenda.

"Our leader has been working hard to salvage this country from the dungeons of economic depression but we have members who do not understand this. They have been going in public opposing government positions and programmes. We shall not entertain such members of the UDA,” said Mr Malala.

Mr Malala said the party has provided them with avenues to address their grievances including the parliamentary group meeting.

grassroots elections

Mr Malala explained why the party chose to postpone its grassroots elections to next year, saying it is meant to give room for the registration of more members.

"We wanted all UDA members to register and participate in the elections. We are in the process of negotiating with our sister parties to consider folding their parties and participate in our elections. We want to have one strong party such as the Communist Party of China," said Mr Malala.

He pointed out that the party has also reached out to the Communist Party of China and agreed on areas of engagement, including building capacity for the secretariat to conduct free and fair digital elections as well as support in setting up of an ultramodern UDA headquarters.

"We have already purchased land to build an ultra-modern office which will also hold a UDA leadership school to mentor young leaders who will succeed the current crop of leaders," said Mr Malala.

Party programmes

At the same time, Mr Malala said all the proposals made by the National Dialogue Committee team will be implemented by Parliament.

Meanwhile, Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika has challenged those who are opposed to the party's programmes to resign and seek fresh mandates through other parties.

Ms Kihika also hit out at the Opposition for trying to take the country back to the election mode.

"We have no time and energy to entertain such an idea of a referendum as we are focused on rebuilding our economy," said Ms Kihika.

Mr Mao Ding Zhi, who led the delegation of Communist Party of China's Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee (ODCPC), said the party is committed to working with UDA.