Raila to Ruto: Kenyans are tired of your 'in six months' political charade

Presidential candidates Raila Odinga and William Ruto

Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga (left) and his Kenya Kwanza counterpart William Ruto. Aside from the cash handouts and other goodies they are promising to dish out, the two are also seemingly competing on which of them will find more free land to distribute if elected president.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Odinga has accused Deputy President William Ruto of resorting to seek sympathy votes to salvage his presidential candidature.

While responding to the DP’s assault against him during his chaotic Jacaranda rally on Sunday, Mr Odinga told the Kenya Kwanza flag bearer to complete his term and prepare to go home after August polls.

“This country is slowly overcoming fraudsters and shortcuts that define your politics. Maliza uende (finish and go),” Mr Odinga tweeted.

He told the DP, whom he referred to as ‘Mr Six Months,’ in apparent reference to his stylistic promises to Kenyans to be delivered within six months, that there was no room for sympathy votes ahead of the August 9 elections on which they are front runners.

“Mr Six months, for how long will you blame everyone for everything that befalls you. It’s not okay to be rudderless, clueless and plan-less. This country is slowly overcoming fraudsters and shortcuts that define your politics,” the ODM leader said.

He was responding to the DP’s attack against him during his Jacaranda rally at which some youth pelted his motorcade with stones.

Dr Ruto had also taken to Twitter to tell off Mr Odinga over the attacks which he linked him with.

On his part, the DP referred to the ODM leader as ‘Mr Vitendawili,’ following Mr Odinga’s mastery of riddles at his rallies to attack him.

“Mr Kitendawili, the lord of violence, has done it again: Hired innocent, desperate and jobless young people, victims of his sabotage of the Big Four jobs plan, to shed innocent blood in his eternal quest for power,” Dr Ruto tweeted.

He went on: “What a shame on father’s day. Mr father of violence. Freedom is coming August 9th.”

Dr Ruto was enraged over chaos that marred his rally, leading to stone throwing by youth from opposing camps.

He suffered from a hail of stones as he forced his way into Jacaranda grounds, forcing some of his security guards to also respond by throwing back stones at his opponents.

In the ensuing melee, Embakasi East UDA parliamentary candidate, Mr Francis Mureithi suffered head injury after he was hit by a rock.