Charlene Ruto: I run the Office of the First Daughter complete with staff

 Charlene Ruto

Kitui County Assembly Speaker Kelvin Katisya with Ms Charlene Ruto on October 28, 2022.

Photo credit: Pool

Charlene Ruto, the second eldest daughter of President William Samoei Ruto and Mama Rachel Ruto left an audience aghast when she introduced her team members in what she called the office of the first daughter.

In a video seen by on December 13, 2022, Charlene was speaking to an audience during a summit when she called forth her team and began introducing them.

“So before again I continue, I wanted to introduce quickly my team from Kenya. So, I’ll start from the back. This is Mike Sagana, he’s one of my team members. He’s a politician and he’s my principal advisor in my team. And this is Jermaine Momanyi, he is the head of trade and investments at the office of the first daughter…” began Charlene Ruto.

It was at this point that the audience could be heard going into disbelief, then clapping before a section of them began laughing.

“…I don’t get what’s funny,” Charlene said in reaction to the audience laughing.

The Kenyan Constitution does not provide for any office named Office of the First Daughter.

It therefore remains unknown from where Charlene Ruto constituted and grounded this office on, and the legalities of doing so.

The existence of such an office has not been announced to Kenyans and so it remains unknown how the office was formed and staffed. 

Her introduction of this alleged office in a now viral video was met by varied reactions from Kenyans who wondered how she is getting special privileges just for being the President’s daughter.

“I am confused over here. Is it a public or private office,” asked Alberto Nyakundi.

“For the first time since God made Kenya, we have the office of the first daughter…okay. Is there anything we don’t know?” asked Philip Etale, a key aide to Raila Odinga.

“Leave alone first daughter, we’ll soon have even first gardener’s office and there’s nothing you will do,” added David Rutto.

“The office even has ministries!     And they went on foreign trips!” exclaimed Farouk Abdulrahman.

“For the first time since independence, Kenya has office of the first daughter fully funded by taxpayer’s money: fat salaries, guzzlers and fully fledged employees. Can someone say dynasty! The hustler will rule,” said Jaramogi Allan Ofula.

Since President Ruto was sworn into office, Charlene Ruto embarked on an aggressive meeting schedule with several county leaders in the offices across the country.

She also attended international meetings and announced projects she was spearheading to complement her father’s vision for Kenya that Kenyans on Twitter branded her Ivanka for being all over the place and doing work that should be left to elected or government officials instead of family members taking up non-existent roles by virtue of being blood related to the President- just like Ivanka Trump did during her father’s one term presidency.