Bhang will fetch Sh9trn, wipe out Kenya’s debts, says Wajackoyah

Roots party presidential candidate George Luchiri Wajackoyah joins his fans in a reggae dance at KICC during the launch of his manifesto on June 30, 2022.

Photo credit: Evans Habil | Nation Media Group

Prof George Luchiri Wajackoya will close the Standard Gauge Railway, relocate the capital to Isiolo and legalise bhang farming if Kenyans elect him president on August 9.

These are among the promises listed in a manifesto unveiled by Prof Wajackoya’s Roots Party in Nairobi yesterday.

In the document dubbed Freedom Manifesto: Ten steps to Freedom, the lawyer notes that legalising farming of marijuana for medical purposes would fetch Kenya Sh9.2 trillion.

Prof Wajackoya says one acre of bhang could earn the country Sh8 million per harvest, adding that should Nyeri County’s 583,000 acres be put under commercial bhang, then the county would earn a minimum of Sh4.6 trillion per harvest.

Bhang, the manifesto explains, is harvested twice per year, meaning a Nyeri County bhang project would fetch the country Sh9.2 trillion per year.

The proceeds, the manifesto further explains, can clear Kenya’s debt and afford each citizen Sh200,000 in annual dividends.

The income, Prof Wajackoya further argued, could build each county two modern expressways and enable the government to buy Bill Gates’ tech firm, Microsoft, in just two years.

Grow wildly

Prof Wajackoya argues that just as tea and coffee do well in Mt Kenya region, bhang would grow wildly in the area.

“Western countries have legalised bhang, why would Kenya not?” Prof Wajackoyah’s manifesto poses.

“If we grew bangi  in Nyeri alone, Kenya would have 10 per cent International Monetary Fund cash reserves. In short, we would never have to borrow a single coin in future,” part of the manifesto states.

Kenyans would also start rearing snakes if Wajackoya succeeds President Uhuru Kenyatta, with every venomous snake farmer making as much as Sh600,000 per vial of anti-venom, the blueprint further states.

“For example, a cobra farmer would make $6,300 from a vial of cobra anti-venom. If we harvest Black mamba anti-venom, a Kenyan farmer will make $5,300 per vial,” the manifesto says.

The Roots Party would also export dog meat, which it says costs six times more than the price of goat meat. Kenya currently exports beef, goat and lamb meat to the Middle East.

The party also promises to hang the corrupt and anyone found to be stealing public money.

“No more Goldenberg, no more Anglo-Leasing and no more Kimwarer and Arror (scandals),” the manifesto states.

To end what it terms Chinese colonization of Kenya, Prof Wajackoyah’s manifesto promises to shut down the Standard Gauge Railway and bring down all the Chinese statues along the railway line route.

This would be followed by construction of a new railway system using Kenya’s own money.

Four-day workweek

In yet another radical departure from tradition, Wajackoya’s party promises that Kenyans will have a four-day workweek, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday as holidays.

“Each Kenyan will be paid every two weeks and Kenya will be a 24-hour economy,” Prof Wajackoyah plans.

He further promised that parts of the Constitution that have proven not to be working would be suspended and Kenyans asked to suggest what they want.

“Making Isiolo Kenya’s administrative centre is the same as making Canberra Australia’s capital. We will move the capital city from Nairobi to Isiolo,” the manifesto states.

On matters administration, a Roots governments would introduce eight regional states under a federal government that will give every community power to make its own decisions.

Foreigners who would be deemed idle or to have taken over Kenyan jobs would be deported, the manifesto notes.