Night of chaos: Kibera wakes up to aftermath of violence, fires

Kibra residents count their losses after a night of chaos

Residents of Kibra are counting their losses following a night of arson attacks by criminals who targeted a Presbyterian Church and a number of stalls behind a mosque at Olympics area on Monday night.

The attack on the stalls consumed everything and nearly burnt the adjacent Aqsa Mosque along Karanja Road but did not consume.

Residents mill around the PCEA in Kibra after a night of fires. Those who suffered losses are picking up charred iron sheets from the remnants at Olympics area.

Photo credit: Mary Wambui I Ntaion Media Group

The attack on the church left a trail of destruction leaving property of unknown value destroyed. 

Religious leaders are expected to tour the venue and assess the damage later this morning.

Locals said the attack on the church may have been pre-planned as the attackers came armed with fuel and seemed to have protection from authorities. 

Millie Akinyi faulted the police for targeting protesters leaving the criminals free to loot and burn the stalls alongside the church.

"They came with machetes and fuel and started attacking us, setting fire to the stalls before getting to the church, but the police did nothing," she said.

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