Monday protests: Expect full force of police, IG Koome warns as security of Azimio leaders withdrawn

Japhet Koome

Inspector General (IG) of Police Japhet Koome.

Photo credit: File I Nation Media Group

The Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has warned protesters that will hit the streets on Monday, saying that the protests remain illegal and that police force is ready and equipped to enforce law and order

Addressing journalists on Sunday ahead of Monday demonstrators led by Azimio One Kenya leader Raila Odinga, the IG said that they will make sure that peace prevails in the country.

“I have not approved of any demonstrations. we are ready as the police force to ensure there is calm in all parts of the country, we have enough land cruisers to arrest people regardless of their status,” said Koome. 

He also confirmed that he has withdrawn security of politicians who have confirmed their participation in tomorrow’s protests, even as he criticised Azimio’s demands to have IEBC’s elections servers to be opened.

“Why do you want to ruin the country for something that a common mwananchi does not understand?  I do not understand it myself. we have been restraining ourselves. We cannot do that anymore. We must come out as the police service to ensure law and order is maintained. That is message for everybody. I will deal with you as a law abiding citizen of the country. I have a job to do, and I will discharge that mandate without fear or favor,” he said.

“If you are a politician, the IG will give you security. How can you throw stones at the police when you have one of them keeping you safe? I will recall my officer. All those that have been involved in throwing stones at the police, I have withdrawn their security,” he added.

Leaders from Kenya Kwanza have also condemned the protests and sked for arrest of Raila Odinga, saying that Raila is holding the country hostage with protests.

“You want to threaten this country with anarchy.  We are a democratic country governed by the rule of law. We will not accept anarchy in this nation and you must be dealt with like any other criminal, bandits and an Al-Shabaab because you are an economic terrorist,” said Reuben Kiborek Member of Parliament(MP) Mogotio.

Open IEBC servers

Karugo Thangwa, Kiambu Senator, urged the youth to keep away from protests, saying that the idea of protests is long overdue.

We are seven million people. if all of us hit the streets to demonstrate, we will ruin ourselves more than those who called for the protests.  Some of those that are leading the protests are parents and grandparents, yet I haven’t seen their children protesting alongside them,” said Ruiru Mp Simon Kingara.

The Azimio demonstrations are taking place on Monday, with demands from the opposition to have the Kenya Kwanza government to open the IEBC servers and reduce the cost of living.