Kenyan climber Cheruiyot Kirui goes missing on Mt Everest

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On May 17, 2024, Kenyan hiker Cheruiyot Kirui posted this photo on his Instagram page before embarking on the Mt Everest climb.

Photo credit: Cheruiyot Kirui | Instagram

Kenyan climber Cheruiyot Kirui has been reported missing above 8,000m on Mt Everest, expedition organisers said.

Cheruiyot, a banker working with KCB, was attempting to summit the earth’s highest mountain above sea level in his quest to test the limitations of the human body.

In the trip a Romanian climber has been confirmed dead at Camp III while Cheruiyot and one other person went missing from above 8,000m on Mt Everest, expedition organisers said.

Mingma Sherpa, Chairman of Seven Summit Treks, reported that Cheruiyot who attempted to scale Everest without using supplemental oxygen remained out of contact from the Bishop Rock, a few metres below the summit point."Kirui, a banker working with KCB, and his Sherpa guide Nawang were last contacted at the Bishop Rock," Sherpa said.

Gabriel Tabara of Romania was found dead inside his tent at Camp III yesterday. Tavara, 48, was also attempting to climb Lhotse without using supplementary oxygen.

Cheruiyot, who wanted to climb Everest without supplemental oxygen, showed an abnormal behaviour with his guide, Sherpa quoted Nawang as saying. "Then, the duo went out of contact," he added.

SST has mobilised two Sherpa rescuers to search for them. "They have reached above balcony area," he told Himalayan Times.