Githurai 45 murder: My boss killed his wife over infidelity claims

Florence Kaari, 29, died while in the hospital after her husband hit her on the head.

Police in Kasarani Sub County is investigating an incident where a woman who was assaulted by her husband died while receiving treatment at a local hospital.

Ms Florence Kaari, 29, died while in the hospital after her husband hit her with a blunt object on the head on the night of Sunday, December 4, 2022.

The matter was reported by Ms Ruth Kaimenyi, who was working as a house help for the family that the man arrived home drunk and inquired where the wife was.

“I told him that she had not arrived, and she told me to get out of the house as he threatened me that I will know that we were living in his house,” Ms Kaimenyi told the police.

The house help said that 30 minutes later after she was kicked out of the house, Ms Kaari arrived while in the company of a friend who she only recognized as Ms Gakii.

It is then that she asked her why she was outside and Ms Kaimenyi (the house help) narrated what had transpired.

Ms Kaari did not take the threats that were issued to the house help seriously and she opted to go and knock at the door.

Little did she know that her husband was waiting for her and once he opened the door the duo started fighting.

The two; Ms Kaimenyi (house help) and Ms Gakii (friend to the deceased) tried to stop the duo from going on with the fight, but the man turned violent and started abusing them as well.

Moments later, the commotion calmed down and the door flew wide open, the two were outside listening to the dramatic commotion, and saw one of the children who was sleeping in the house rush to them.

The child told them that the mother had been hit on the head and was bleeding.

The suspect accused Ms Gakii of being a prostitute and was the reason his wife had started arriving home late.

Ms Kaari was rushed to the hospital when the man was overpowered, and she died in the wee hours of Monday morning.

After the news that the lady had died reached the husband who is currently in police custody, the man went ahead and called his in-laws and told them that their kin had taken poison.

Kasarani Police Station police boss told Nairobi News that police officers and detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had already visited the scene and processed it.

“They also arrested the suspect who was taken from Githurai 44 police station and is currently held at Kasarani Police station,” said Mr Anthony Mbogo.