Kenya@60: The men who proudly stood up for gender equality


Photo credit: Graphic I Sudney Kithome

What you need to know:

Kenya’s 60 years’ existence has seen male dominance in most leadership positions. Many men, within that span, have, however, made significant strides for gender equality. Their engagement is critical as they have more power in politics, government, business, and at the community level.

They have used these privileges to elevate, amplify, and challenge gender disparities. Gender inequality takes a pervasive toll on men, too, but when they support women, everyone wins.

As we continue celebrating Kenya@60, we recognise 60 men who have been instrumental in advocating, motivating and supporting women and girls. This list, in no particular order, is not exhaustive and could run into thousands, but kudos to those who have made it here.


Photo credit: Graphic I Sydney Kithome