Voting delayed in Ugandan opposition stronghold

A ballot box in Kampala, Uganda on January 14, 2021.

A ballot box in Kampala, Uganda on January 14, 2021.

Photo credit: Yasuyoshi Chiba | AFP

Voting in the opposition stronghold of Masaka, a city in the Uganda's Buganda region, has been delayed this morning as the country goes to the polls.

Despite delay in delivery of election material to polling stations, the Electoral Commission is yet to clarify if voting times will be extended.

The delay comes at a time when the communications regulator ordered the suspension of all internet gateways from Wednesday.

There are many of reports of failing biometric voter verification kits. The machines rely on the Internet, which is now blocked, and lines are growing longer at polling stations.

Ugandans who managed to access the Internet reported on social media difficulties in accessing the Internet via mobile devices and wireless connections.

Elsewhere, voting has been paused in Lyatonde district due to heavy rains. The returning officer has said that the exercise will resume once the rain subsides.