Electricity bill: Power firm goes after Angola's ex-president José Eduardo dos Santos

Former Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Photo credit: File | AFP

Angola’s National Energy Distribution Company has asked the country’s former President José Eduardo dos Santos to pay the pending electricity bill at his residence in Miramar.

The report carried by Novo Jornal newspaper has been seen as politically instigated to humiliate the former Angolan head of state.

A National Energy Distribution Company official, who did not disclose the amount of money the former president owes the power firm, told Nation.Africa that Mr dos Santos had delayed in paying his electricity bill. 

Several public figures expressed their concern over the power firm’s move.

“What the National Energy Distribution Company is doing to him (dos Santos) is humiliating, he fought for this country´s peace and stability,” a politician told Nation.Africa.

President dos Santos, who was at the helm of the ruling party and of the country for 38 years, returned to Luanda in September 2021 after living in Barcelona, Spain, since 2019.

His critics have accused him of mismanagement and of appointing his relatives and friends to top government positions during his 38-year presidency of the oil-rich nation. Other people in Angola consider him as the guardian of peace in the country.

President João Lourenço took over from dos Santos in the 2017 elections.