Prof Mohamed Abdulaziz

University of Nairobi Prof Mohamed Abdulaziz (right) with Prof Sheikh Ahmad Nabhany attending a Swahili performance meeting in the national exams in this picture taken on May 19, 2011 at Research Institute of Swahili Studies of East Africa in Mombasa.

| Laban Walloga | Nation Media Group

Swahili poet Muyaka on the bad habits of telling and believing lies

What you need to know:

  • “Tusambiane uwongo” is a love poem, literally meaning “let us not tell each other lies”.
  • The speaker in the poem pleads with his or her partner that they should always tell each other the truth.

One of my best-loved poems is called “Tusambiane Uwongo” (Let’s not deceive each other). It appears in a collection of Kiswahili lyrical poems by the 19th century Mombasa poet, Muyaka bin Haji al Ghassiny.


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