High taxes on paper and VAT have made books luxury items

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What you need to know:

  • The printer picked up his calculator in order to give me the costing. After a while, he came up with his reasonable figure, crying: “This is how much each title will cost your publishing house as per the units you mentioned.”

  • “That’s not bad,” I gladly responded.

  • However, he jumped to tell me: “Professor, that’s not the final figure. The government is on our necks. It is demanding that VAT must be added to the figure.”

  • He pushed up the figure before me and told me: “That’s what your publishing house must pay us for the job.”

I recently walked into a printing press excitedly with two book titles in my briefcase. I wanted the two books printed. The first title was the most talked about, After 4.30. The second one was titled Successful Composition Writing, which I wrote for young people in schools.


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