Sauti Sol’s Midnight Train paints a colorful portrait of Kenyan pop


What you need to know:

  • Midnight Train does anything but chase popular musical trends in Kenya.
  • The album is 42 minutes long and represents the group’s earnest effort to diversify their sound and its impressive precision demands attention and respect – they weave through a maze of songs that are fast and slow, relaxed and upbeat. 
  • The success of the single ‘Suzanna’ earlier in the year hinted that this album was going to be massive but nothing could have prepared you for how big this album is.

You have to hand it to Sauti Sol. The highly decorated outfit seems to have long since given up worrying about what country purists think of its music. With their new album Midnight Train, they have made the music for a party that we are all invited to, and it’s not their fault that we can’t attend.


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