WOMAN OF PASSION: Hosting has become a travel experience

Joan Wamuyu has opened up her home to travelers from various backgrounds, making her business a cultural experience. PHOTO| THOMAS RAJULA

What you need to know:

  • The genesis of my hosting was the fact that I was lonely. My life was getting very boring; living in a three-bedroomed house, I’d come home and watch television or sleep.
  • I researched online on how to host people who were coming into the country but didn’t want to stay in hotels.
  • I started in 2012 and got my first client towards the end of the year. She was an Italian working for a corporation under the Italian Embassy.

Joan Wamuyu, 43, has traveled around the world from the comfort of her living room through “beautiful souls,” as she puts it. She hosts business, research and intern travellers, a gig she started to supplement her income. She decided to venture into the business full time in 2016. Joan, who used to work in human resource management for a petroleum company, is also passionate about biking, and has been riding since 2014. She is planning a three-year biking journey around the world. Here’s her story.


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