In search of serenity? Here is the perfect place

A weekend getaway at Mbweha Camp, Nakuru

What you need to know:

Mbweha Camp is a bushy serene camp located in the renowned Soysambu Conservancy in the southern part of Lake Nakuru National Park

Organising a getaway for a special day is pretty hard especially when you only want the best. Birthday trips, on the other hand, can be a little easier to put together because you have the luxury of time and a specific reason to celebrate, but the question is how? Is it going to be a crazy weekend with your pals or a more personal celebration? This year, I chose a more intimate trip for two. My goal was to get out of this year's funk by travelling to a destination where I could re-calibrate my soul, and energy, and balance my chakras.

Nothing influences businesses more than holiday promotions during the off-season. Returning to the drawing board, I resumed my search but was unsuccessful until I came across Trippygo Tours and Travel - a tour company that organises trips and, even better, they had fantastic offers! Jackpot! Out of the several options, I chose Mbweha Camp as my preferred destination; set a date, and booked the trip.

Mbweha Camp is a bushy serene camp located in the renowned Soysambu Conservancy in the southern part of Lake Nakuru National Park, about four hours from Nairobi. We arrived at 3 pm, and the scenery was nothing short of spectacular! It offers panoramic views of the Ebuuru and Mau ranges, and the 5km drive from the main road gate to the Camp is nothing short of breathtaking. On the horizon, you could see the Lake Nakuru border span. I envisioned night game drives to be delightful. The adjacent savannah expanse of scattered indigenous trees and dust-brown dirt instantly soothed my energy. There was no one in sight, just the two of us, the wild nature outside, and the stationary helicopters in a nearby airfield waiting to bring more wandering souls to this great outdoors. It was pure serenity. 

We stepped out of the car, ecstatic that we had gotten exactly what we had asked for since it existed just as stated. I couldn't wait to visit the lava-stone cottages in the wilderness with the bathtub – the main thing that drew me here. A friendly welcome in the parking lot, two gentlemen guards offered to help us dispose of the trash and clean the car, why not? We arrived at the reception after a short walk through a little bridge across a fish pond. We were given our welcome drink, which tasted like non-alcoholic champagne. I was at ease and confident that it was going to be an enjoyable experience. 

Our host informed us that they had reserved the best cottage available! The tour agent had given them a hint about my special day. We got the buffalo room, which is a lovely cottage with a grass-thatched roof that fades into the distance. The window frames are painted white to contrast with the healthy green shrubs. The rustic African-inspired interior décor was accessed through a grand stunning mahogany door. A king-size block-wood bed stood in the center of the room, white drapes floated whimsically below the roof, and white lanterns were strategically positioned on the floor near the hefty oak working table. The next room was a massive stone-walled walk-in bathroom with a dressing mirror and a corridor leading to the outdoor bathtub, where we spent the rest of the day waiting for dinner.

Our romantic and sumptuous supper was set up under a tent with the same whimsical design and flowing drapes. The dessert presentation featured an enticing personal touch with the caramel sauce spelling 'lala salama'. The night sped by, and by the time the hyenas we'd been warned about started laughing near the cottage, we were fast asleep. 

We awoke to our 8 am breakfast call, which was beautifully set up outside on the porch, complete with silver cutlery. After a filling breakfast, we went on a property tour. They have a cycling path, a swimming pool, a gift shop, and a massage parlour, as well as game drives, bird viewing, and hiking opportunities. We relaxed by the pool and enjoyed the overpriced cocktails before winding up our enjoyable trip. The trip costs Sh19,600 for 2 pax for two days and one night stay on full board.