‘I love a man who calls me sweet names and is not mali ya umma’ comedian Breda Gatwiri

28-year-old Breda Gatwiri is a comedian. She shares various skits on social media and YouTube.  Photo| Muma pix

What you need to know:

Perhaps you might have come across 28-year-old Breda Gatwiri or rather her witty comedy skits that she shares across social media platforms and YouTube. That explains her cult following.

I studied education at University but I don't intend to practice. I don’t have a passion for it at the moment.

I’m not sure when I started doing skits but it could be between 2018 and 2019.

There is something about my Meru accent. I never used to have it while in campus but I guess it was born out of a habit when I started creating videos. I don't even notice it anymore.

My first skit to go viral was the one I was talking about my university boyfriend and his romantic language. It wasn't actually about an actual boyfriend but just comedy.

I’m making money from online comedy. But not as much as I should. I started doing skits as a hobby and am learning to make this a business as I grow. I’m realising good branding takes time and I’m one patient soul.

But I’m into other hustles as well. I do SEO (Search Engine optimization) and Airbnb.

 In this business, I don’t feel any type of pressure at all but sometimes I feel very insecure about the content not being interesting enough. I have several videos that I have never posted.

I have been undercut in business deals so many times. But we move on regardless, it’s part of the learning process.

Is there competition in this business? How I see it is that there are billions of people in the world. Everyone has space, we can all fit in and get someone who relates to our style.

Have I ever been betrayed by someone close? Who hasn’t? I have trust issues. I never think anyone is beyond betrayal, in life, everyone is trying to survive and do what's best for themselves. That's why I have learnt not to take people's actions personally.

A romantic man to me is a combination of things. One is respectful, buys gifts, calls me sweet names and he is not mali ya umma. Ooh, and I love long hugs.

I don’t believe in the fallacy that celebrities are in the red zone to date. Just find one who has morals and self-respect.

And yes I tried dating a celebrity once. Big mistake, alinivunja roho kama kuni.

I love swimming but the older I get I realise sleeping might be my new hobby or maybe it's because snooze time gets less as we get busy with adulting.

To my army of fans do not take life too seriously. None of us is getting out of here alive. Also, remember someone else's actions have nothing to do with who you are, so don't let society drive you into depression.