‘I would take care of a guy financially if he also does so’ journalist Sylvia Muia

Sylvia Muia loves music, the arts, film and dance. A journalist by profession, she is a Lifestyle and Climate-change writer. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

Sylvia Muia loves music. Arts, film and dance. A journalist by profession she loves writing lifestyle and climate-change features

I’m in the profession I dreamed of when I was a child. My childhood dream was to be a news anchor.

My recent most recent success is becoming one of the first Kenyan Golden Globes International voters, in 2023 and getting retained for 2024 as well.

People perceive Gen Z as 'know-it-alls' but it is because they were exposed to the internet at a very young age which gives them access to a lot of information.

My morning routine is always a good full two hours. I start with a morning meditation, preparation for the day you know the girl’s stuff, and then settle to a good breakfast.

What motivates me in a guy is his thoughtfulness. I love it when a man does something without me asking. It’s such a turn-on.

I would take care of a guy financially if he takes care of me too. Men should realise it is that simple.

I would rather not hustle with a guy all the way up but I like one who has figured himself out financially and mentally. I would like to look up to my man and be inspired to work as hard as him.

I try to put guys down easy so I am hoping I have not hurt anyone or led them on. I am very straightforward about how I feel about a guy.

Referring to a woman as a female is so annoying. It sounds wrong. You don’t hear anyone referring to men as males.

As a woman in her 20s, I find it weird to sleep on the same bed with a man.  Sometimes, I genuinely would like to sleep alone. I honestly would like to have an extra bed for such days if I get married.

One thing I regret spending money on is temporary dreadlocks. I lost my hairline and the thickness of my hair even though I looked amazing.

Stories I tell most often are about my travels, especially one to France. I had the time of my life wine tasting and going on roller coasters. Maan! I was built for a soft life. I hope to travel more and maybe start a food and travel blog.

My guilty pleasure is definitely sugar. I like sugar, a lot of it. I like sweet wine, cocktails and desserts. I cannot stop indulging.

I wish I learnt sooner that people will treat you differently because of how you look. I used to be tiny and never commanded much attention as I do now because of my derriere which by the way is actually real. I guess as they say, nyash is life.