Here’s why we should all develop good writing skills


Communication is part of human life, and developing good writing skills is a great plus.

Photo credit: Fotosearch

Writing is an essential tool that young people should embrace. As a student of communication and journalism, practicing writing was necessary, almost inevitable. The first few trials, of course, weren't a walk in the park. It involved a lot of commitment, dedication and persistence to perfect my work.

However, the story changed when I made my first publication, the achievement boosted my confidence in this path which brings about infinite opportunities. The drive to go on was inspired by my communication lecturer with a comment, “You have a knack for topicality”, after I wrote two articles on the same day. There is power that develops when we are recognised and appreciated for what we do.

Consistency in writing has had an enormous amount of positive impact on my life. Writing from readers’ perspective minimises over thinking, there by addressing issues based on their real state. Writing also aids in advancing our social relations through avoiding instances that may trigger other people's emotions negatively. Also, understanding human behaviour is necessary since it makes one to be objective, rather than subjective, in oral and written conversations.

The field of writing has to a large extent helped me to interact with established and budding communicators, in the process forming a constructive network. Journalism requires good writing skills, just like other professions, to be good at expressing thoughts, writing articles, job applications and even communicating with colleagues. I look forward to becoming a renowned writer beyond our borders.

Communication is part of human life, and developing good writing skills is a great plus in rising through the ranks of media. Generation Zs should embrace writing as it will make them more enlightened members of the society. Young people need to practice reading books, articles and scholarly work to become good writers. I'm inspired by passion and motivated by a burning desire to improve my writing prowess.

Anthony is a student of communication and journalism at Rongo University.