New Year resolutions that drove us to higher heights

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What you need to know:

  • Most people make New Year resolutions with a plan of achieving their goals by the end of the year.

  • Your goal could be to adapt a healthier lifestyle, bettering your performance at work, starting a company, deepening your relationships or going back to school.

New year, new goals, so they say. 2023 is here, and what a good opportunity to set new goals. A new year offers us a chance to forge new beginnings, establish new plans, embark on new projects, start new jobs and embrace new opportunities. It is also a chance to review our shortcomings and pursue our dreams with renewed vigor.

Most people make New Year resolutions with a plan of achieving their goals by the end of the year. Your goal could be to adapt a healthier lifestyle, bettering your performance at work, starting a company, deepening your relationships or going back to school.

Here are four young people who owe their recent achievements to the resolutions they made at the beginning of years past.

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Just like in building and construction, life is all about planning. Your plan should lead you to towards your goals.

New Year resolutions are important in tracking your progress and achievements. It is essential to regularly review and evaluate your career or business goals to ensure you remain committed.

I have been making resolutions and working to achieve them for the last eight years, and the fruits can be seen in my construction company, Belk Engineering.

In this building and construction field, I started out as an aide, but I felt a strong desire to grow and impact other people’s lives positively, and this is why I started making resolutions every new year. My goal was to establish my own entity. In 2015, I became a mason after acquiring the necessary skills in building and construction.

Thereafter, I went back to school to study building and construction. I then transformed into an entrepreneur and returned to the construction industry. I thank everyone who has been part of my adventurous journey.

Every year I make different resolutions depending on my circumstances in life. As much as I always try to stick to the resolutions, I have had to adjust some and even terminated others.

For those who have both primary and secondary resolutions my advice would be, do not be quick to change your primary resolutions. It is your long term goals you need to keep fine-tuning.

So far, I have completed my diploma course, which has equipped me with more knowledge in my profession. I registered my company, Belk Ventures Architectural Works in 2018, all thanks to strict adherence to my resolutions, and resilience.

Another major achievement I made in 202 was moving from a rental apartment to a fully furnished home, although this is a plan I have been working on for months.

Lastly, although this may sound funny, one of my resolutions a few years ago was to get a wife. I’m glad to report that I got one, and we are blessed with two children.

I must however admit that nothing comes easy. Pursuing my New Year resolutions sometimes comes with unique challenges.

One major challenge is getting finances. When I started my company, I had to acquire new machinery and hire staff.

Occasionally, I also faced normal challenges such as failing to get approvals for clients in good time. This led to delays. Covid-19 also brought many challenges. Due to the lockdown, my projects stalled and I had to readjust my resolutions for the year.

Business is all about risks. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. What matters when you are down is your determination to rise up.

Over the years, I have learnt to restructure my desires and break them down into short term, medium term and long term. Nothing is cast in stone. The short term goals guide me to the bigger ones.

In everything that you do, put God first, and surround yourself with friends who can help you succeed. Establish a clear plan on how you are going to achieve your goals, and keep tracking your progress.

This year, my goal is to launch my company’s website ( which shall offer clients easy access to information about building and construction, while also making it possible to buy and sell various products and services.

I am also looking forward to increasing my staff from four to eight. This will inject more expertise into my company, for the benefit of our clients.

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We make decisions on a daily basis, but making New Year resolutions and sticking to them is a major one.

I have been making decisions in my life since I turned 18 and realised that I am responsible for every decision I make, and that to be successful, I have to make targets.

While most people claim to be self-driven, I believe goals are important in guiding you to your dreams and desires.
Remember, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!
Resolutions are important in pushing us towards positive change and pointing us to our mistakes as we pursue our heart’s desires. They also help us reflect on past achievements.

Making resolutions means setting new, attainable goals. As a student, making resolutions often comes with a number of challenges, including self-doubt, especially if you failed to achieve your previous goals.

Poor planning is another factor that we need to consider. As young people, we sometimes make mistakes or make decisions out of peer pressure.

Another factor that we often forget about resolutions is having a midyear or monthly update. Many times, we set our targets and wait for the year to end without checking on our progress.

It is advisable to break down your plans and keep checking how far you are from attaining them. A plan should incorporate anticipated challenges, and strategies on how to overcome them.

At times, we fear going after our dreams, thinking that we may end up failing. Some also set targets which are too simple, hardly requiring them to move from their comfort zones.

Resolutions are all about challenging oneself and aiming higher. Bear in mind that there are those who set targets and achieve them. You can too!

My strategy is always to avoid procrastination and blame games, and to jump into action as early as day one of the 365 days.

To counter fear, you need to believe in yourself, have a good plan and keep reviewing your moves until the goal is finally achieved. 

Be patient with yourself, do not give up when you face obstacles, and keep reviewing your progress until you finally succeed.

Stay positive and reward yourself for the little gains made. That way, you will stay motivated.

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Behind every successful story is a good plan, determined individual, supportive environment, and God.

I have to thank my resolutions for all my achievements. Every New Year, I create time to figure out what want for myself.

Resolutions are like a guide to take us through the entire year, and making us better than we were the previous year. They indicate clearly what we want to achieve and what to do in order to achieve our goals.

My decision to make and stick to New Year resolutions was influenced by my elder brother he told me by doing so, I would always be a step ahead of my peers. After three years of making them, I totally agree with him.

Failing to set resolutions is akin to walking aimlessly without a map or compass, and we all know what that would lead to, failure of course.

It is however important for one to make attainable and measurable resolutions. If unsure, find yourself a mentor to help you through the journey.

Resolutions help me focus on what I want in life. They build my self-confidence and make me accountable for every wrong move I make.

Initially, I found myself losing track, and that is where the monthly reviews came in. I regularly check on my progress and look into the things that slow me down. Changing oneself is not easy, so be patient with yourself.
Have courage, face your fears and aim higher. Do not compare yourself with others. The goal is to better yourself.

When you feel like things are not working as planned, take a moment and celebrate the small wins, then craft a better plan.

And, your resolutions should be achievable but also challenging since this is the only way we can grow. Never give up. The year might be tough, but keep your eyes on the prize.

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New Year resolutions give me a sense of direction. I do not like operating without a plan. My plans may change in the course of the year, but at least I always have an idea of where I want to be.

I have been making resolutions for years. I’ve been making them since I started being conscious of myself and my desires.

The need to focus on my goals is my biggest motivation for setting annual goals. My desire is to be a better individual every year. 

Resolutions, either long term or short term, are very important since nothing is permanent. We must be willing to adapt and improve.

One of my greatest achievements was that I bought a car in 2021, and also returned to school to finish my degree in 2019. Those had been my resolutions in various years in my life. 

But, we must never forget that nothing good comes easy. Over the last year, I lost my job, which was my primary source of income. Such occurrences may throw your plans into disarray, and if you’re not keen, you can totally lose sight of your goals.

My advice is, keep our eyes on the prize, even if it means rolling your plans over or attending to your priorities first.

There will always be tough days, but don’t be quick to give up. Also, do not be afraid to adjust the goals. Stay focused and focus on the gains made, however small, because they will keep you motivated.  Also, consider reviewing your goals either monthly, quarterly or biannually. Failure should not define you, and failing today does not stop you from succeeding tomorrow.