Mwalimu Andrew: Duped into endorsing Mwisho wa Lami MP for re-election


Many of my supporters complained to the Returning Officer, with some vowing to boycott the elections, accusing the current MP of influencing the Returning Officer’s unfair decision against me

Photo credit: John Nyaga | Nation Media Group

When Fiolina was last in Mwisho wa Lami in March this year, she left while vowing that she would not return until after the General Election.

“This is in longer the home we worked so hard to build,” she said, complaining about the many visitors who were visiting. Although I built it alone, I ignored that part and focused on her second concern.

“They are not just visitors; they are my voters. Please respect them,” I told her. She did not hear that. A day later, she travelled back to Kakamega, saying she would only visit after the elections.

“I will be an MP by then and I will happily welcome you back,” I said.

Wewe ukuwe MP?” she asked. “You have jokes, Dre!”

Undeterred, I continued with my campaigns in her absence. Soon, word spread that my wife was not supporting me.

Dre, kama bibi yako hatakupigia kura, mbona sisi tukupigie?” Asked Nyayo at Hitler’s, a week after I dropped him from my campaign team.

“Who told you that she will not vote for me?” I asked him.

“Who doesn’t know that? Everyone, even children and chickens, knows that!” He said. “If she was supporting you, she would be here campaigning for you.”

By now you all know the serious character development the whole process took me through and how the Returning Officer refused to accept me as a candidate on flimsy claims that I had not resigned. Yet he accepted the MP’s papers to contest; an MP who is still currently serving. 

Unfair decision

Many of my supporters complained to the Returning Officer, with some vowing to boycott the elections, accusing the current MP of influencing the Returning Officer’s unfair decision against me. They promised to stick with me till the end.

The small matter was soon forgotten and two days later, they were attending my opponent’s rallies and shouting his name. I licked my wounds and fully focused on what is important – the school.

I was asked by three of the remaining candidates to back them but I refused. How could I back them when I was sure I would have beaten them if I had been allowed to contest? The sitting MP sent me several emissaries, including Alphayo and Rasto, who were in my campaign team, but I told them I would not support any person.

“I will not stand down for anyone, especially the MP who is the reason  I was blocked,” I told them.

I was busy with school matters when I received five missed calls from Fiolina, the laugh of my life. Fiolina rarely calls me. She always sends an SMS either complaining, giving instructions or asking a question.

“We have an important quest this Saturday,” she announced.

I asked who the guest was but she refused to say. She asked me to invite some of my friends, particularly teachers.

No matter what I said, she would not say who was coming. Fiolina arrived on Friday evening with lots of shopping. On Saturday morning, Anindo and other women arrived and started preparing meals. Nyayo brought in five crates of soda. To my surprise, Nyayo came and erected a tent in our home.

“Please be patient and wait for the surprise” is all Fiolina said when I asked for details. Tito, the owner of Busy Bee Academy, arrived with about 50 plastic chairs. Saphire, Alphayo, Rasto, and everyone who had been supporting my bid also arrived and sat. A special chair had been placed in front and no one sat on it.

My home was buzzing with activity by 11am. Word soon spread that I was giving out free food. As expected, a lot of villagers came just to see what was happening and make merry. At around 12pm, a car that was playing loud music arrived. Behind it was the MP’s Prado. As soon as everyone realised it was him, they started shouting his name. I did not expect him to be the guest. But that being my home, I went and welcomed him, and showed him where to sit. No sooner had he sat down than Apostle Elkana arrived.

The MP’s team fixed loudspeakers and Apostle Elkana started the meeting. “Let us begin with prayers,” he said. And after long prayers, he started off by thanking the MP for visiting Mwisho wa Lami.

“I will invite a few people to make their remarks before I invite you after which Mwalimu will speak,” he said then invited Rasto, Alphayo and Nyao in that order. They all praised me for being a great leader who would make a great MP. “But now that things did not go the way we wanted, please show us the direction, Mwalimu. And the direction is seated here,” said Alphayo, pointing at the MP. “I am sure the MP will work with you to bring development here.”

When he rose to speak, he thanked Fiolina for allowing him to visit my home.  “I tried talking to Mwalimu to visit but forgot that the home belongs to madam. When I called her, she said ‘come.’”

He then went on to thank the people of Mwisho wa Lami: “I know Mwalimu wanted to be MP, but I am talking to him to support me, and I am sure he will support me.”

“Wangapi wanataka Mwalimu aniunge mkono?” He asked and there were hands raised everywhere. When I was called to speak, I thanked the MP for visiting then asked for time to think about what he had requested of me.

“Makofi kwa Mwalimu Andrew kwa kukubali kufikiria kuniunga mkono,” the MP said after I had spoken. He then said everyone who had come would not leave empty-handed.

Food was then served. The MP asked me for my phone number and promised to call me. He has never called.

One of his assistants asked the people to line up after the food, and everyone was given Sh50 and a T-shirt or cap. After everyone had left, I confronted Fiolina and told her that I will never support the MP, adding that they had wasted their time. By the next day, word that I had endorsed the MP for a third term spread in Mwisho wa Lami and beyond. And just like that, Fiolina and company had duped me into endorsing the MP.