God will change our souls and bodies

Jesus Christ

A sculpturee of Jesus Christ with the cross at Jubilee Shrine in Lodwar, Turkana County, on March 6,2022.

Photo credit: Evans Habil | Nation Media Group

Are you tired of your sins? That’s a good sign. You’re probably tired because you’re disgusted with yourself. You seem incapable of overcoming temptation because you keep falling into the same bad habits over and over again.  The good news—it really is the Good News that we call the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ—is that God not only wants to forgive you.

He wants to change you so you can stop committing sins. What we call “amazing grace” is what Saint Paul talks about in his Letter to the Romans (5:17): “Jesus Christ will cause everyone to reign in life who receives the free gift that he does not deserve—the gift of being made righteous.”

That’s the lesson behind that strange event we call the Transfiguration. Jesus goes to the top of a high mountain with his disciples. He changes from looking like a carpenter from Nazareth to appearing in glory as the Son of God. It only lasted for a while, but it was enough to let us know how easily and how quickly God can change anything and everything—especially sinners.

 Again it is Saint Paul who explains, this time in his Letter to the Philippians (3:20): “We are waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transfigure these wretched bodies of ours into copies of his own glorious body.” God plans to change us completely: body and soul.

He changes our souls by making us holy as he is holy. He changes our bodies by making us young again with a youth that will last forever.