Pet hacks: Easy home remedies to deal with the discomfort of scooting


Dogs sometimes slide their bottom on the floor or grass like they are trying to wipe something off.

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Dogs sometimes slide their bottom on the floor or grass like they are trying to wipe something off. This behaviour is called scooting and the dog does this when it feels like something is stuck back there like faecal matter or matted fur.

You may also see them trying to bite and lick the area, hold their tail in an unusual position or even change their walking style. Helping your pup will require you to know the specific cause of the discomfort.

The common causes of scooting include issues with anal glands, certain parasitic infections, skin allergies or materials stuck around the hind area.

Shave and warm compress

Fortunately, there are some home remedies for dog scooting that can bring some much needed relief to your pet. If it’s the first time you’ve noticed the dog scooting, take them to the vet for a diagnosis before trying any home remedies. But if your dog is a frequent scooter, home remedies like a sanitary clip, that is shaving the fur around the bottom and under the tail, will help. This will get rid of any faecal matter or debris that is tangled with fur as well as remove any matted fur.

Once you have shaved and removed what may be causing the discomfort, clean the area gently with a warm compress using a cloth. This will help soothe the pet especially if scooting is because of a gland problem. This is because the compress increases blood flow in the area, receding the swelling. For maximum results, hold the warm cloth on the hind area for about fifteen minutes, and try to keep your dog still for a while.

For dogs that scoot because of anal gland issues or have skin allergies, fatty acid supplements given by mouth can sort the problem. The dogs itch because of inflammation of the skin and the supplements help reduce the inflammation.

Soft stool or diarrhoea can be a contributing factor to anal gland issues and therefore scooting. Anal glands empty when the dog defecates because the stool presses the glands causing them to release their contents. But if the stool is very soft, then it does not create enough pressure on the glands for them to empty. Giving fibre supplements can help firm up the stool and prevent gland issues.

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