BOOK REVIEW: 'Just a Book' tells the story of a band that dares to be different

Just A Band is a 13-year-old band made up of three members, Mbithi Masya, Bill Selanga and Dan Muli. PHOTO | COURTESY OF JUST A BAND

What you need to know:

  • For a group that shuns the conventional, Just A Band’s rise from an obscure Kenyan musical act to global music festival circuit favourites is as instructive as it is inspiring.
  • Their first music video, "Iwinyo Piny", a product of their DIY mantra, was deemed too futuristic for mainstream Kenyan TV. But who needs local TV when there is the World Wide Web?
  • Far from the notion that JAB’s music only appeals to coffee shop-going Nairobi crowds, an interaction with the group in the book reveals the opposite.

It’s bad enough when your vision flies in the face of the established, but more daunt ing is a lack of resources to breathe life into your project.


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