Casual sex and no-strings attached hook ups. Are they for you?

Sexual hookups often leave more strings attached than many participants recognise at the beginning.

Photo credit: Sexual hookups often leave more strings attached than many participants recognise at the beginning

What you need to know:

  • One of the most quoted reasons for engaging in casual sex is the search for sexual fulfillment without the hustles associated with an emotionally committed romantic relationship.
  • A woman will easily move on where she feels that an attractive guy whom she doesn't really like is into her.
  • Many hook-ups are also unintentional, through drinking or drugs, and coercion or sexual violence

The evolution of sexuality has opened doors to sexual liaisons that do not offer partners the promise of a future together or require them to make emotional commitments. These sexual engagements operate on a no-strings-attached basis. Dr. Paul Joannides, a psychoanalyst and the author of Guide To getting It On, casual sex is not limited to the popular one-night-stand. “Other types include No Strings Attached (NSA), Friends with Benefits (FWB), and Sex with an Ex casual sexual relationships. The last kind of sex is bound to happen when partners are still sexually hanging on to their exes, and may either end up psychologically aggravating a breakup or reviving a past relationship,” he says.


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