Kenya’s food, beverage sector records 5pc growth

Go Pro Food

Go Pro Foods stand during the annual Kenya Food Expo at Sarit Centre, Nairobi, on September 7, 2023.

Photo credit: Pool

The Kenyan food and beverage industry continues to grow with the sector recording an annual growth of five per cent driven by growing incomes, rising urbanisation, and increased consumer spending.

At least 2,500 stakeholders drawn from East Africa met in Nairobi for the annual Kenya Food Event, an event that saw 60 companies showcase their products.

The three-day event, held at Sarit Centre between September 5 and 7, 2023, attracted exhibitors across food and beverage, hospitality, manufacturing, producers, and processors.

Among the standout exhibitors at this year's event was Go Pro Foods, with its leading brand, BHEEMS.

Go Pro Foods Managing Director Raj Ram said Kenya alone boasts approximately 1,200 food and beverage manufacturers, ranging from small-scale enterprises to multinational corporations.

This makes, he said, the country a premier destination for businesses seeking to explore new opportunities, connect with industry leaders, and discover the latest products.

He said there is immense interest from international buyers and distributors looking for Kenyan products with Nairobi leading the charge with the highest consumer food and beverage spending power, further highlighting the region's potential.

“The Food Expo has not only allowed us to expose our products and brand to local distributors and international buyers, but also allowed us to meet fellow exhibitors, and learn about their experiences, the products they offer, and discuss the possibility of collaborating or partnering on business opportunities,” said Mr Ram.

He said that at Go Pro Foods, they are driven by a mission to transform and enrich the lives of people and communities across Africa, riding on the adage of “farm-to-table” to ensure that it provides nutritious food to its customers at an accessible price.

“Enrichment of life must start from your health. We look forward to getting involved in local sustainable projects surrounding farming, water, cooking, education, and health,” he said.

The MD said at BHEEMS, they put a strong emphasis on quality and safety in its food products with their facility comprising second-generation plants.

Consequently, their products are in major modern trade networks and they are looking forward to future collaborations as well as extending their distribution network in the general trade.

“We process our products twice to ensure maximum impurities are removed. Furthermore, we have an in-house quality assurance manager to ensure all products are tested rigorously upon entry into the premises, throughout processing, and batch tested following packaging ready for dispatch,” he said.