I supported my husband financially but he cheats on me and drinks too much

unhappy couple
The only reason two people should get into marriage is love – and love alone. Any other intention does not have any foundation, hence the fallout.

What you need to know:

  • You got pregnant; he told you to abort for financial reasons. In return, he gives you hostility and infidelity.

Q: I’m married with one child. My husband and I have constant issues. We got married after I got pregnant with our first child and he told me to move into his house. He didn’t have enough money and I was forced to withdraw all my savings for our upkeep.I gave him some to start a business, but the business went down. I gave him more capital to keep it. I got pregnant and when I told him about it he told me to abort because we are not stable financially. I did but later I got affected so much emotionally. My husband does not respect or treat me as his wife even as I do all this for him. He cheats on me. He is hostile to me and my child and he drinks too much. Please help me, aunt.


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