Sort out your issues and serve Siaya people, Oburu tells Orengo and his deputy

Oburu Oginga

Siaya Senator Dr Oburu Oginga.

Photo credit: File I Nation Media Group

Siaya Senator Oburu Oginga has fired a warning shot to Governor James Orengo and his deputy William Oduol to sort out their differences and serve the people who are yearning for services.

Speaking for the first time on the matter at Parliament buildings accompanied by Siaya Woman Representative Christine Ombaka, Dr Oginga warned that the constant wrangles between the two leaders is hampering effective delivery.

The Senator told the deputy governor to stop holding the county at ransom and resign if he feels he cannot work with the governor.

“We are concerned with the turn of events in Siaya County because when the governor and his deputy fight, it’s the people who suffer,” Dr Oginga said.

Dr Oginga pointed out that no meaningful development can take place when there is no unity between the two top county leaders.

“People have been asking why I have been quiet on this matter, but I want to let them know that I’m really concerned about what is going on. The deputy needs to realise in law, he is the principal assistant to the governor hence should be assisting the governor,” Dr Oginga said.

He regretted that the matter had to escalate to the impeachment level instead of being solved amicably using internal mechanisms.

“I called Mr Oduol and had a meeting with him in Nairobi that he should stop going to the press calling the governor a thief and corrupt but he went on. Let the process in the county assembly go on,” Dr Oginga said.

“If he feels that he cannot work with the governor, it will be useful to vacate the position because he is a professional and can do other things,” Dr Oginga said.

Dr Ombaka on the other hand regretted that they have been embarrassed by the ongoing public fight between the two leaders which has painted the entire county negatively.

“We have been embarrassed as Siaya leaders because we are fighting each other for no reason. I want to tell the deputy governor to respect the governor because he is his boss whom they campaigned together and vowed to work together,” Dr Ombaka said.

She said so far, they cannot take sides and declare who is right or wrong in the battle since the allegations made by the deputy governor can only be proved in a court of law.

“We really want to work with the deputy governor but he has already poisoned the ground that we don’t know if he will work with us if he makes a comeback,” Dr Ombaka said.

Analysts have questioned the deafening silence of Mr Orengo in the ongoing feud with his deputy.

The only time Mr Orengo appeared to talk about the matter was two weeks ago at Nyadorera, Alego Usonga where he addressed the gathering with Opposition Chief Mr Raila Odinga.

During the meeting he said: “In my life I have fought tougher battles including ones that brought down powerful political figures in history and therefore whatever that is going on will only make me stronger as I focus on delivering for the people of Siaya.”

Mr Oduol, in a recent interview in one of the radio stations, stated that Mr Orengo can stop all these by sitting with him and giving him an ear.

The county boss has however chosen to address the matter through his Chief of Staff Mr Cyrus Oguna who few days ago threw the ball into the Ethics and Anti-corruption court demanding that they expedite investigations into corruption matters being raised about Siaya County.

Mr Gideon Ochanda, Bondo MP said only Mr Orengo was capable of stopping what he termed ‘unnecessary tension’ in the county.

 “The two top county leaders are at fault but Mr Orengo has the power to stop this impeachment and wrangling that is burning Siaya. If I were the governor, I would sit Mr Oduol down and listen to the issues he is raising and handle it,” said Mr Ochanda.

According to Mr Obora Okoth-a political analyst, the ‘noise’ in the county was not good politically for either Mr Orengo or Mr Odinga because it was his home county.

“The Governor, ODM Party and the Deputy Governor have to solve this matter locally so as to save their embarrassment at the national level,” said Mr Okoth.