Samburu OCS rejects Sh80,000 bribe, upholds integrity

Samburu OCS

Andrew Nyabicha, an Officer Commanding Station (OCS) of Archers Post Police station in Samburu County.

Photo credit: Handout

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has lauded Andrew Nyabicha, an Officer Commanding Station (OCS) of Archers Post Police station in Samburu County, for standing firm against corruption and rejecting a Sh80,000 bribe.

According to the OCS, three people attempted to secure the release of a robbery and human trafficking suspect, Mohamed Musdaf Mahamad, held in police custody.

The suspects, identified as PC George Guyo, Hassan Sheikh Mohamed, a Prison Warder from Isiolo, and Mohamed Maalim Abass, devised a corrupt scheme offering him a sum of Sh80,000 in exchange for the suspect's freedom.

Instead of taking the bribe, OCS Nyabicha reported the matter to the EACC and cooperated in a sting operation.

This joint effort resulted in the arrest of the three while they were in the act of handing over the sum to the OCS.

Mohamed Musdaf Mahamad, the suspect at the center of the bribery attempt, had earlier been apprehended for robbing and trafficking three Ethiopian nationals.

He was found in possession of stolen items and forged documents implicating him in criminal activities.

EACC spokesperson Eric Ngumbi praised OCS Nyabicha for his principled stance against corruption, emphasising the importance of such actions in safeguarding national security and upholding the rule of law.

The Commission urged all law enforcement officials to emulate OCS Nyabicha's unwavering commitment to integrity and justice.

“EACC commends the OCS for the exemplary action in refusing to compromise national security in favour of bribes.

"This is what EACC expects of all Police Commanders across the country in order to weed out corruption from police operations, which has the effect of compromising security, access to justice, and protection of lives and property,” Mr Ngumbi said.