Azimio leaders: US envoy Meg Whitman is Kenya Kwanza spokesperson

Azimio leaders on Meg Whitman

Former Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, former Murang’a governor Mwangi Wairia and Roots Party Leader Prof George Wajackoyah in Kisii during the burial of Ms Naomi Nyaboke Nyamongo, a relative to Mr Wamalwa, on Friday, August 18.

Photo credit: Ruth Mbula | Nation Media Group

A section of the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition leaders have called out US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman, saying she has become a 'spokesperson' for the Kenya Kwanza government.

Former Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, former Murang'a Governor Mwangi Wairia and Roots Party leader Prof George Wajackoyah said as an ambassador she should be neutral.

The three leaders spoke in Kisii on Friday during the burial of Ms Naomi Nyaboke Nyamongo, a relative of Mr Wamalwa.

Mr Wamalwa said the US envoy had become partisan but senior diplomats like her were supposed to be impartial.

"We have seen the US ambassador being very partisan. In fact she has become almost a spokesperson for the UDA. We do not want Americans coming here to tell us how to do our business," the former defence CS said.

Speaking at the ongoing 8th Devolution Conference in Eldoret, the US Ambassador to Kenya threw her weight behind the government of President William Ruto, endorsing his victory in last year's presidential election as legitimate and promising the current regime full support and closer ties with the US administration.

Mr Wamalwa noted that claims that the 2022 General Election were free and fair are just a figment of the US Ambassador's imagination and that they (the elections) were the least incredible elections ever had in the Republic of Kenya.

"We have never had a split commission like we had in 2022. When we have a split commission, democratically the majority should have the way. The majority of the commissioners said the election was not free and fair, but in this case the minority had their way, isn't that unbelievable?" said the former CS.

He added: "That is why we are telling the ambassador that the election is a very sensitive issue. That is why the electoral issue is on the list for discussion in the ongoing bipartisan talks."

The outcome of the 2022 general election was hotly contested by the Azimio coalition, and the dispute ended up in the Supreme Court, which ultimately upheld Dr Ruto's victory, much to the displeasure of the opposition.

Ms Whitman reported to Kenya in July 2023, just before the last general election.

"I arrived in Kenya days before the August 2022 General Election. What I witnessed was nothing short of remarkable, Kenya held what many analysts said was the freest, fairest and most credible in Kenyan history," she said.

Mr Wamalwa noted: "She should not be a cheerleader for UDA and William Ruto. She must remain neutral. This is a message we have sent to Senator Chris Coons to take back to Washington, we know he is in town".

"He is the senator from Delaware, US President Joe Biden's senator. If it was our wish, we would have sent him back with the rogue ambassador," Mr Wamalwa observed, noting that the Azimio coalition was not happy with the conduct of the American ambassador to the Republic of Kenya.

Mr Wa Iria condemned the US diplomat for her comments in support of the 'oppressive' Finance Act, 2023.

He said Kenyans fought the colonialists more than 60 years ago and were no longer interested in their rule.

"She supported the oppressive budget. What is an American's interest in Kenya's budget? Let her leave these matters to us, we are not slaves to the Americans. When the US diplomat is sent here, she is given a big residence in Gigiri, Nairobi, so she doesn't know the pains and struggles most Kenyans go through," said Mr Wairia.

Prof Wajackoyah said it was wrong for a foreign dignitary to interfere in the internal affairs of a host country.

"It is only the Americans who can come here and dirty our plate. I appeal to the international community to wake up. We are a free state and we do not want to be used by the Americans," the Roots party leader said, adding that US President Joe Biden was a good man and should send the "rogue" ambassador packing.