How 'fake' GSU officer was busted in Molo

Fake Police officer

John Mwangi, 20, arrested in Molo su-County for impersonating a General Service Unit(GSU) officer. 

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A startling revelation has shaken the locals in the quiet village of Tayari in Molo, Nakuru County.

The arrest of a supposed General Service Unit senior officer has unravelled a tale of deception, leaving residents stunned and questioning who they can rely on.

For the last five months, 20-year-old John Mwangi was an alleged imposter who fooled the entire village, only to find himself on the wrong side of the law last Monday.

On the fateful day, Mwangi was arrested in connection to the robbery of timber at Mugumo Secondary School by unknown perpetrators.

What's more astonishing is Mwangi's audacious attempt to reportedly masquerade as a law enforcement officer, swooping in to claim the stolen goods under the guise of official duty.

Sporting a police jacket and a demeanour of authority, he convinced the locals of his authenticity, only to be unmasked as a fraud when they demanded accountability.

Molo sub-County Police Commander Timon Odingo said the locals stumbled upon the stolen timber after the theft.

However, Mwangi arrived at the scene and identified himself as an officer stationed at the Molo Jury Farm Camp, demanding that the timber be handed to him.

The locals assumed he was a legitimate officer, as he was in police uniform.

Suspicions arose when Mwangi failed to file a formal report about the recovered stolen goods, and concerned, the villagers stormed the Molo Police Station seeking answers, triggering an investigation into the supposed GSU officer's identity.

“We wanted to establish why he had an interest in timber which had been stolen and yet he was an officer. We were shocked to find out that he was an imposter. The suspect was arrested in his hideout together with his 19-year-old girlfriend,” Odingo told Nation.Africa.

The two were arraigned in court, and the investigating officer granted more days to hold the suspects in custody as they conducted further investigation and made further arrests.

Further inquiries revealed that Mwangi, also known as "Soldier," had formerly been an informant for some officers in Molo, possibly learning the tactics he later employed.

Additionally, he had served as a community policing leader, exploiting his position to intimidate and steal from locals.

During interrogation after his arrest, he implicated another individual as his accomplice, leading to their subsequent arrest.

At the man's residence, authorities found four sheep and four chickens, suspected to have been stolen. He is also in custody.

"He is not a police officer and has never been. He has not disclosed where he obtained the jacket, and investigations are ongoing to determine that," said Odingo.

Mary Njoki, one of Mwangi's victims, recounted an encounter where he had posed as a GSU officer following a robbery at her home. Initially believing his claim, Njoki said she only realised the deception after witnessing him mistreat another individual in the village.

"I was convinced he was a genuine officer. He even assured me he would assist in investigating and apprehending the thieves who had stolen my property. It was a shock to discover his true identity," she lamented.