Fake policeman rescued from lynching by angry Mukuru mob

Fake policeman

Dennis Mokaya who was arrested on September 13, 2021 in Mukuru Kayaba slums for allegedly masquerading as a policeman.

Photo credit: Sammy Kimatu | Nation Media Group

Security agents in Nairobi’s Mukuru Kayaba slum have rescued a 39 year-old man from lynching by irate residents after they discovered he had been faking to be a policeman.

The residents said the suspect has been claiming to be a police officer and had fraudulently obtained money from innocent people after “accusing” them of various offences.

On Monday, Nyumba Kumi officials in Kambi Moto, Starehe Sub-County, rescued him from an irate mob before police officers led by South B Police Station Commander Charles Ochoki arrived and arrested him.

Fake policeman arrested in Muku slums

Confirming the incident, Makadara Sub-County Police Commander Timon Odingo said the suspect, identified as Dennis Mokaya from Kesini village in Kisii County, had defrauded several people in collaboration with two officers from Nairobi’s Central Police Station.

Colluding with two officers

"The suspect admitted to colluding with two police officers from Central Police Station using a private Toyota vehicle, handcuffs and a police radio. We are investigating further to see if we will identify the officers he named and arrest them,” Mr Odingo said.

The suspect did not have a national identity card or a police ID when he was arrested, Mr Odingo added.

"After searching him, Mr Mokaya admitted he was not a police officer. He did not have any identity documents and he did not provide any identification,” the police boss explained.

Police reports indicate that the suspect would intimidate the public, threatening to arrest them for not wearing masks, drunkenness, urinating in public, selling and smoking marijuana and operating bars without licenses among other “offences”.

Conversant with Mukuru

The suspect revealed that he lives in Mukuru Tetra Pak slum and is conversant with the nearby Mukuru slums where he targets his prey.

"I focus on slums including Jamaica, Lunga Lunga, Reuben, Kingstone, Kayaba, Fuata Nyayo, Mariguini, Kisii, Hazina, Kenya-Wine and Commercial," Mr Mokaya said.

Ms Jane Mbula, a Nyumba Kumi official in Kayaba slum, said the suspect would demand for money, saying he would take some to an unnamed OCS.

"The people of Kayaba were so angry that we intervened and rescued Mr Mokaya. We insisted on taking him to the South B Police Station to show us the OCS whom he claims had sent him to collect money from the public,” Ms Mbula said.