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Why Harry Roy Veevers body may still stay in Mombasa morgue over 10 years later

Richard John Veevers (right) and his brother Philip Veevers (left) listen attentively during the inquest into the death of their father Harry Roy Veevers at the Mombasa Law Courts on May 4, 2017.

What you need to know:

  • Roy died suddenly on February 14, 2013 at his home in Nyali, where he lived with his British wife, Azra Parveen Din. 
  • The circumstances of his death caused a rift between his two sons and their half-sisters – Alexandra and Hellen Veevers.
  • The sons accused their half-sisters and their mother of poisoning their father, claiming that his life was ended prematurely to secure his $7 million (Sh1.12 billion) fortune and to prevent him from marrying a third wife.