Students showcase concern for climate change

Mombasa polytechnic university college students and other youths march with placards bearing the amount of carbon meant to be emitted into the atmosphere during a demo championing the effects of climate change ahead of the Copenhagen meeting this month. The youths marched from the university to the town centre to raise climate change awareness.

Mombasa Polytechnic University College students on Friday held a special event to showcase their concern for the climate change if the planned World Summit on Copenhagen does not come up with an amicable solution.

The group burnt a picture of Africa and Kenya to demonstrate their fears that the continent will suffer irreparable damage if the world summit scheduled on December 17 fails to deliberate issues affecting the world on climate change.

The volunteers also formed a giant 350 figure to urge those who will be participating for the summit to push suggestion of reducing carbon particles being emitted in the environment.

Mr Martin Elkanah, the coordinator of the event said there is need to reduce the law of carbon particles emitted from the current 384 million particles to 350.

Mr Elkanah who is also environmental activist said if the participants fail to reduce the number by 34 million particles, several countries in the world will be having adverse weather patterns because of pollution.

“The impacts of Climate change are becoming evident fast hence there is need to mobilise resources to solve the problem,” he said.

He warned that temperatures are expected to rise by 5 degrees within a century if right measures are not taken and several species will then have minimal chances of surviving.

The group also held a demonstration along the streets of Mombasa carrying placards and banners with inscriptions bearing information on climate.

Effects of climate change have been experienced in different regions of the world with the impact ranging from food security, species extinction and rise of sea level.