Five arrested after bragging about robbery

The suspects bragged on social media about their robbery.

Photo credit: Courtesy

Five criminals on the police radar have been arrested in Mombasa.

The five, Vincent Ochieng, Shadrack Ochieng, Felix Otieno, Salim Ali and Shafi Yusuf, were trailed by detectives after bragging on social media about their crime. 

"Police officers from the Central Police Station carried out an intelligence-led operation in Sargoi areas and managed to arrest the five suspects, who are believed to be gang members," read a police report filed at the Central Police Station. 

During the arrest, police recovered several items from the suspects, including a navy blue jacket with white stripes, five mobile phones - three iPhones, a Samsung and a Memojo.

A Bluetooth headset was also seized from the scene.

The five were questioned and remain in custody pending further investigations.