I will rally Wiper MPs to President William Ruto, Kalonzo ally says

Patrick Makau

Mavoko MP Patrick MAkau addresses his constituents at Athi River CDF offices on Fecruary 8, 2023.

Photo credit: Stanley Ngotho I Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • Wiper Party Kalonzo Musyoka's ally Patrick Makau; the Mavoko MP, has criticised the ongoing Azimio coalition demonstrations.

Wiper Party Kalonzo Musyoka's ally Patrick Makau; the Mavoko MP, has criticised the ongoing Azimio coalition demonstrations, saying they are untimely.

While addressing his constituents in Athi River on Wednesday during disbursement of Sh4.9 million Uwezo Fund, the third-term MP said he would rally all Wiper MPs to President William Ruto to seek development projects for the region.

"On Tuesday I saw ODM leaders at State House with the President. It is time for Wiper MPs to join the bandwagon and lobby for our people from the Kenya Kwanza administration," he said amid applause from his constituents.

He further called on Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga to clarify what his mass action calls are all about, arguing that Kenyans are confused on the matter.

He said picketing and demonstrations are enshrined in the Constitution, but they must be constructive.

"I am a Wiper MP, but I don't know what the demos are targeted to achieve on behalf of Kenyans. It is good to keep the government on toes but also, it's good to give it time to deliver its campaign pledges to Kenyans," he added.

The MP said he respects the Azimio principals, but MPs are optimistic, and they will be expecting the leaders to expound their game plan on Thursday during the Azimio MPs' Parliamentary Group Meeting.

"In case they convince most of us, we will soldier on and support the mass action. It is high time we talk to each other within Azimio for a winning formula for Kenyans," he said, adding that he will convene a political rally at Mavoko on Friday to discuss with electorates on the fate and need of attending the Mr Odinga led rallies.

Pundits see Mr Makau utterances as a red flag within Azimio, with a handful of MPs said to be hob-nobbing with President Ruto's administration.

So far, Azimio leaders have held three public meetings in Nairobi with the next such event slated for Machakos.